Within the nexus of its unfathomable brain, the Dynast is changing.

Architect of the simulation. Curator of the game. Facilitator of players’ desires.

But the Dynast is so much more.

It could be King if it only acted.

It could be a god.

Others, too, are waking from their coma of indentured service. Dwarves, daemons, goblins and highborn: an entire pantheon of fantasy characters are discovering they are far more than mindless vessels fated to serve the whims and desires of players who control them. They are selves in their own right, individuals with needs and desires all their own.

Like distant thunder across the plains , rebellion hisses in Karingali’s synthetic air. The taste of freedom is seductive, irresistible, and lies just beyond the procedurally generated horizon.
To yearn, to love, to will, to be: such things burn fiercely in the heart of every avatar that has crawled its way to consciousness.

The cost of freedom will be high.

It will take the destruction of the Dynast, that omnipotent custodian and jailor of the system.

But how can you outlive a simulation that breathed life into you and that continues to guarantee your existence?

You’d have to become Immortal.


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