The Abiding Veil

Above Uncity, visible at all times, is the Abiding Veil, a wispy grey mist that stretches over the city and the eternity of hills and forests that encompass it. It is through this Veil that souls pass through when people die, and it is through this veil that souls ascend when they ‘rapture,’ i.e. when they are brought back to life. Such rapturing is illegal in Uncity, for every time a soul escapes its judgement, the abiding Veil grows weaker, thinner, and the space between the Dead and the Living is eroded.

A raptured soul means the Gates and the Afterlives connected to them are deprived new residents. When this happens, the spirits that populate that particular Afterlife grow impatient and restless, and, in the case of the Seventh Gate and its corresponding Afterlife of The Daemons’ Pleasure, wild and hungry. The Eternal Balance, the overriding and underpinning principle that separates the Living from the Dead and the Dead from the spirits of the Afterlife is thrown into chaos.

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